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International Orders

Due to poor service, delayed shipping times, and other recurring issues, we no longer ship using the US Postal Service.

In-Transit Times
Shipping with a UPS Worldwide shipping option, packages are normally delivered anywhere in the world within 5 - 7 days (or sooner in many instances) and the packages are easily tracked via the UPS.com website.

For more information on the UPS International shipping services, visit the UPS.com website.

We can ship to most countries around the world. If your country is not listed in the shipping calculator on our website, please contact us at international@kesslercrane.com

Address Verification
All international orders must ship to the billing address and pass credit card address verification checks.

Any international orders over $500 USD will also require a copy of a photo identification to verify the address details before we can process the order.

Copy of identification can be emailed to verification@kesslercrane.com or faxed to 806-209-7109.

Duties / Fees / Taxes
Shipping charges do not include any applicable import duties / fees / taxes.

Brokerage Charges (Canada)
UPS CANADA STANDARD does not include the brokerage charges and additional brokerage charges will be due, if you do not have a broker on file with UPS.
All other options have brokerage fees included, however there may be applicable duties/taxes.